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1969 "M"

plate measuring machine
machine readable form
tilting screen made of slats
Magellan telescopes
magic number
magnetic activity
magnetically active days
magnetically disturbed days
magnetically driven shock wave
magnetically quiet days
magnetic amplifier
magnetic axis
magnetic bearing
magnetic classification
magnetic crochet
magnetic declination
magnetic deviation
magnetic dip
magnetic dipole
magnetic dipole radiation
terrestrial magnetic disturbance
magnetic elements
magnetic energy density
magnetic equator
transversal magnetic field
magnetic (field) configuration
magnetic field strength
magnetic flux in spot
magnetic focusing
magnetic foreshortening
magnetic horizon
planetary magnetic Kp-index
magnetic latitude
magnetic life history of sun-spot
magnetic longitude
magnetic moment
magnetic multipole
magnetic multipole radiation
magnetic permeability
magnetic perturbation
reversal of magnetic polarity
magnetic pole
magnetic pressure
magnetic quadrupole
magnetic quadrupole radiation
magnetic quantum number
unipolar magnetic region
proton magnetic resonance
molecular-beam magnetic resonance method
magnetic resonance spectrum
solar quiet magnetic secular
variable magnetic star
terrestrial magnetic storm
magnetic tape
magnetic variable
magnetic variable star
lunar quiet magnetic variation
magnetic zenith
magnetobremsstrahlung radiation
solar magnetograph
magneto-gyric ratio
magnetohydrodynamic shock wave
magnetohydrodynamic waves
magnetohydrostatic theory
magnetoionic theory
nuclear magneton
magnetorotation effect
magnetospheric boundary
minimum magnification
magnification coefficient
magnified image
hand magnifier
magnifying power
U, B, V magnitude
magnitude determination
magnitude difference
magnitude distribution
absolute magnitude effect
magnitude equation
magnitude error
magnitude of maximum
magnitude of minimum
magnitude scale
magnitude screen
first magnitude star
magnitude system
Maidanak observatory
main beam
main bearing
main branch
main control desk
main gear drives
main image
main lobe
main magnetic field
main mirror
main observatory
main peak
main pencil beam
main phase
main sequence
main sequenceof star types
main sequence star
main source
main telescope
semi major axis
major flare event
β Canis Majoris star
major planets
major spot
telescope making
Maksutov camera
Maksutov system
Maksutov telescope
manifold of points
man-made satellite
manned artificial satellite
manned space ship
manned spaceship